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Joy Munshower

XXXL. Oktoberfest Carousel Horse - Flamework Glass Sculpture Bead

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Here's the start of a new series of glass sculpture beads... Carousel Horses & Animals. This one is a pale grey tan horse with a black mane and a combo of orange, red and yellow roses and orange berries. He/She and other members of the Carousel herd will be listed throughout the week.

COLORS: pale tan, grey, streaky grey, dark brown, black, various shades of red, orange and yellow on a streaky dark blue green background
BEAD SIZE: 2 3/4" high x 2 1/2" wide/long (71mm x 66mm)
HOLE ORIENTATION: Vertical **a display stand is included with this piece**
MANDREL SIZE: 3/32" *** a display stand is included with this bead***