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Joy Munshower

XL. Toothy Sun-Bathing Alligator - Flamework Glass Sculpture Bead


Here is the first edition to my new series "Reptiles"! This is a sun-bathing Alligator. I am having lots of fun sculpting all of their scales, creases and textures! This is the start of a new line of designs... so stay tuned! Many more Reptile and Amphibian designs are on their way! :D

COLORS: green-tan, olive, grey-green and ivory on a streaky sandy olive-green-orange background
SIZE: 1 5/8" x 2 1/2" (40mm x 65mm)
HOLE ORIENTATION: Horizontal ** A display stand is included with this bead**
MANDREL SIZE: 3/32" a display stand is included with this piece