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Joy Munshower

XXXL. Blue Aura Octopus Garden Aquarium Bead - Flamework Glass Sculpture Bead


Here is a OOAK (Original One of A Kind) Octopus Garden aquarium bead with tons of coral reef detail! There's different color corals, each with a different species of tropical fish plus starfish, anemones and barnacles. This bead is HUGE and heavy. I would recommend using it as a display piece rather than wearing it. A manzanita wooden stand is included with this piece for display purposes.

COLORS: Blue Aura (silver glass) octopus on a aquarium bead with coral, tropical fish, sea grass, urchins, and barnacles
BEAD/SCULPTURE SIZE: 2 3/16" high x 2 1/8" wide x 1 5/8" thick (55mm high x 51mm wide x 41mm thick)
MANDREL SIZE: 3/32" and a stand is included with this piece.